In 1989, Cecily Pennoyer founded and created Pennoyer Castings Company and introduced, at that time, the first-ever replicas of stone resin garden pots in the United States. Motivated both by her access to unique one-of-a-kind garden pots and her lifelong study of art history and studio arts, she created replicas of family originals to use as gifts for relatives and close friends. Not only were her designs unique, the materials she used to cast the pots were the finest. Using marble dust and resin stone, the garden containers looked exactly like their lead originals and were created to be lightweight and weather-resistant in all climates and all regions of the country.

In 2003, Pennoyer joined with Virginia Newman Yocum, gardener and marketer, to continue to bring the business development forward, offering new designs, unique colors, and custom sizing to meet the many needs of today's discerning consumers. Pennoyer Newman, LLC is committed to selling the finest and most exclusive garden pots cast from the originals that have graced the lawns of private estates. We look forward to bringing the beauty of these historic pots to your gardens and into your homes.

Today, with over 20 years experience, we have provided planters for some of the most prestigious parks and institutions in the country. Pennoyer pots adorn Bryant Park, located behind the New York Public Library, the rooftops of Rockefeller Center, the streets of SoHo, the Morgan Library, and The New York Botanical Garden.

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